Antics worked with wearelovelive to create a vision for SKEPTA's inspired sound recording studio in North London. Sometimes jut images aren't enough and you have to be in the space to get a feel and commit. Antics is there to bring architectural designs into the realms of reality.

*Due to the NDA nature of this projects the VR element is available to view upon request only.

Antics teamed up with partners Poke, Arc, MCube & EE to produce an interactive dance experience in four of their flagship stores. Antic's role as developer was to produce, code and animate the vision in Unity Game Engine.

In October 2016 Antics helped All Tomorrow's Parties produce interactive AR content for John Carpenter's Release the Bats Tour. Antics Produced the Android version of the RELEASE THE BATS! app alongside creative coder Mike Golembewski.  The app was inspired by the infamous John Carpenter film They Live and at the event users could point their phones at various posters at the event to reveal secret messages hidden in the images.

The founding project for Antics was In Ulysses a virtual exploration of the Proteus Chapter in James Joyce's Ulysses. Starting off as a crowdfunder in Ireland the notion went sort of viral and Eoghan raised the money in no time after being featured in Vice and the New York Times. The prototype experience is available to download and experience on our Downloads page.

Antics worked with clients ZAP Architecture on a hush hush project. An architectural flythrough of a specialised design space. Unfortunately only the preliminary renders can be shown as the idea is under wraps until it becomes public.

National WAX Museum Ireland approached Antics to develop an app for their Dublin based wax experience. Antics created a comprehensive app that assisted with the tour and added Augmented Reality excitement by bringing the wax figures to life through the phone.